What We Do

Young Friends of the Earth is an organisation run by young people from the ages of 18-30 on a voluntary basis. Set up in 2008, we exist as a network of young environmental activists across Ireland and run events throughout the year to encourage youth activism predominantly through university societies. We know that change on a large scale can only be brought about by organizing and mobilizing young people. 




– The protection of our planet against harmful human behaviors

– The right of future generations to a happy and healthy home

– Standing in solidarity with the Global South

– The importance of Climate Justice

– The role of young people in impacting social change 


YFoEE network gathering april 2010



In the past five years we have run several campaigns including the ‘Fat Cat’ campaign to bring attention to IBEC’s inappropriate relationship to the government and their influence in the Climate Change legislation, and our “Anti-Fracking” campaign which lobbys the government to ban fracking on the island of Ireland. We choose our campaigns based on our feedback from activists. If we receive a lot of requests to run a campaign – we do it! 




As a part of our campaigns we run actions throughout the year. Typically our actions have been very theatrical and focus on engaging the public with a positive but strong message. Activists have dressed up in costumes such as penguin suits, radiation suits and Santa suits. Our actions have been successful because we steer clear from the typical monotonous chanting that is associated with protests and demonstrations. We keep it bright, fun and positive!




Young Irish activists have the opportunity to travel abroad several times each year and take part in events with Young Friends of the Earth Europe. From the Summer Camp in July to the AGM in March there are plenty of opportunities for passionate young people to engage with the European climate movement and link with organisations from all corners of the globe. These trips are fully funded by Young Friends of the Earth so that young people in Ireland can take part regardless of financial constraints. 



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