Anti-Fracking Campaign

The Young Friends of the Earth Anti-Fracking Campaign aims to raise awareness among the Irish public of the harmful effects of Fracking on our environment. We are deeply concerned by the lack of public awareness surrounding an issue which affects us so much and we are doing something about it! 


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Young Friends of the Earth calls for a ban on Fracking and all other forms of unconventional gas extraction. We stand in solidarity with all communities on the island of Ireland and around the world who are mobilising to protect community rights, demand climate justice, oppose environmental degradation, and challenge the unsustainable economic policies which promote reliance on fossil fuels.

Our Anti Fracking Campaign has been running since September 2012. We have been holding dramatic “FRACtion’s” in Dublin to raise awareness to the threat of Fracking in Ireland and encouraging the public to take action and let their T.D.’s know their concern about the possibility of Fracking in Ireland.

We are currently planning an e-action to raise awareness of Fracking in universities and give students in Ireland a platform to demand that the government steer clear from this highly unethical investment.

For more information on Fracking please see our Frack Pack in the Resources section.
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