Green Training 2012

On the 6th of October Young Friends of the Earth together with the Union of Students in Ireland organised a training and networking event for students interested in the environment.

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Young FoE Network Gathering 2012

This year’s Network Gathering was held in Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim from the 7th-9th September. We chose to hold the Gathering in this particular area, as it is right on the shore of Lough Allen, an area which would be directly affected by Fracking.

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Rio+20 Young FoE Action

June 2012

grace and sian Rio 1

From 20-22 June world leaders gathered for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Marking the twentieth anniversary of the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, this year groups and organisations across the globe are calling for greater people power and democracy in the UN negotiations, and an end to greenwashed solutions to ecological collapse. 

Grace and sian Rio 2

During the Rio+20 talks, young activists from all over Europe came together to call for an end to the corporate hijack of our planet.
Many Young FoE groups did an action, you can check these out here.

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Planting trees to mark Young FoE Europe’s 5th Birthday!

Jonathan Victory

May 2012

Young Friends of the Earth Europe is an international organisation made up of all the national Young Friends of the Earth (YFOE) groups throughout Europe. These are groups for young people who are passionate about issues surrounding the environment, energy and social justice. To mark the 5th anniversary of the establishment of this network, YFOEs across Europe were encouraged to plant trees and share photos of their commemoration online. Now if you think tree-planting is something of a namby-pamby gesture then you have clearly never tried planting a tree. Read more

New National Co-ordinating Group elected at 2012 AGM

Sian Cowman

In April, Young Friends of the Earth Ireland had their AGM. It took place in Seomra Spraoí in Dublin which served us beautiful vegan food for lunch and dinner. The AGM was an opportunity for young environmentalists to give their input into the direction in which they would like YFoE Ireland to focus. It was also an opportunity for those young environmentalists to learn more about YFoE, the work it does, the campaigns it runs and how the organisation hopes to grow. Read more

ReCAP and YFoEE action in Brussels

Orla O’Halloran

Brussels is not only the heart of Europe but also the centre of FOEE. Young activists could therefore not be better placed than to be in this vibrant city where activism is encouraged and thriving. Read more