What can you do?

Top 6 ways to join the movement to stopping TTIP 
Stop ttip red

  1. Spread the word about what you have learnt so far about this Trade Agreement and keep asking questions. It is a difficult topic to wrap one’s head around but the more people talk the more we learn and the more we can mobilise to stop this agreement from happening behind our backs. The European Commission has organised these discussions to happen behind closed doors not for peoples concerns so it is our duty to make it everyone’s concern and get our government speaking up against it.
  2. Join ttip.ie mailing list to keep up to date with current developments regarding this trade agreement.
  3. Sign the Stop-ttip.org european citizens initiative.
  4. Join actions and events organised by Young Friends of the Earth and TTIP Information Network members.
  5. Talk to your local Councillors and politicians about TTIP challenge them on their stand on it and the impact this trade agreement will have on the people they vow to protect.
  6. Set up your own event in your local community to spread awareness- contact us for support in doing this. youngfoe@foe.ie

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