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Future News- Film Making

Over the last week some of our members have been working hard to develop a short film to share a glimpse of what the future we strive for would look like. Watch this space for updates on how the team got on and for the final production.

Future News team; Meaghan Carmody, Aisling Kennedy, Colm Tong, Camilla Kane, Cheryl Notaro and Sydney Weinberg. Read more

April 18: the Global Day of Action against the TTIP

by active member Jennyfer Pileggi

Today April 18 across Europe thousands and thousands of people are taking actions against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a massive trade deal currently being negotiated between the EU and US, that could have major implications for our food standards if completed.

Read more

Should We Tip the TTIP??

Take a moment to perform a thought experiment. Imagine an energy company has begun to use a new method to extract gas from the ground. This method provides (finite) energy, but is incredibly harmful to people, animals and the environment. Read more