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Climate Justice- Confronting Privilege, Connecting Struggles

24 JULY 2015
We have passed the mid way point of the YFOEE Summer Camp in Brittany France and the day began with some challenging – but vital – discussions about the linkages between environmental and climate struggles, and those of race, class and gender – which our very own Sydney from Ireland followed. No doubt this day has marked the start of many conversations to continue about what these truths mean for us and our movement.

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Share the beautiful Ireland that we want to preserve with the WORLD!

“Do you know a place on earth so beautiful it is paradise? Film it!” and be part of a Europe wide film project  called “Climate Operation” demonstrating our beautiful earth.

This film will be broadcasted on TV and at the Climate talks COP21 this December in Paris where world leaders will be meeting to make crucial decision for the future in regards to environmental and social justice issues.

The top video will be compiled into a 52 min film by Arte a France-German TV Channel.

Do you agree Ireland should make this cut? Then follow the info in document below to find out how you can submit your vision of beauty in Ireland or elsewhere.

Get in touch by emailing youngfoe@foe.ie to team up with others and get support in creating your video.

Future News- Film Making

Over the last week some of our members have been working hard to develop a short film to share a glimpse of what the future we strive for would look like. Watch this space for updates on how the team got on and for the final production.

Future News team; Meaghan Carmody, Aisling Kennedy, Colm Tong, Camilla Kane, Cheryl Notaro and Sydney Weinberg. Read more

April 18: the Global Day of Action against the TTIP

by active member Jennyfer Pileggi

Today April 18 across Europe thousands and thousands of people are taking actions against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a massive trade deal currently being negotiated between the EU and US, that could have major implications for our food standards if completed.

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