Action in Dublin as Ireland is awarded "Fossil of the Day" award in Lima!

23 December 2014

 group photo We at Young Friends of the Earth took to the streets of Dublin on December 14th, courageous amidst frantic Christmas shoppers doing their  best to maintain sanity as the clock struck Santa. Our shared mission: to bring people back down to earth through casual conversations,  exploring our relationship with the earth herself from whom all presents come. engaging the publicleaflet image           Why December 14th to battle the maddening crowds? Well to support our fellow YFoEers of course who had mobilized in Brussels with  environmental activists all over Europe during the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP 2014). The COPtook place in Lima, Peru  December 1st to 12th. An action on December 14th allowed us time and space to reflect on the outcomes of the COP, to sit with the discomfort  of Ireland having being awarded the 'fossil of the day' award along side 5 other countries, and Ireland's failure to contribute to the Green  Climate Fund to support those countries hardest hit through climate chaos and with least resources to cope. FilipaThe feeling of disillusionment with those in power was all too familiar. Our so called leaders failing yet again to act in the interest of real and  sustainable progress. We decided a presence on the streets of Dublin showing solidarity with all those who care deeply about the Earth, was  something we could do.  Armed with 100 fliers, some fancy dress and a lot of heart we engaged as many people as were engaging. We spoke to many youth who also  felt disillusioned with not only environmental issues but their related social justice issues and the prevailing neoliberal agendas being upheld  that continue to exacerbate inequality. We spoke with people from many different countries and cultures, and each conversation left me for one  feeling richer and more appreciative of the diversity of culture, opinions, and expressions culminating on the streets of Dublin. silencedWe ended the day with a trip to Dublin Food Co-op's 'World Fusion Sunday' on New Market Square, feeling empowered and happy with the conversations sparked and the connections made. Taking action, sharing stories and listening to others opinions felt good.blackboards

Nicola Winters

Photos courtesy of Andrej Blagojević