TTIP Campaign


TTIP is a Trade Agreement currently being discussed between the EU and US. The official line is that this will create jobs and increase economic growth, however, the beneficiaries of these agreements are not in fact citizens, but big corporations. This agreement aims to remove “barriers to trade which in fact are safe guard put in place to protect us as people and the planet. This agreement will open the floodgates to more extraction of oil and gas. It also carries major implication to the standards of food production and distribution.

Stop TTIPTTIP will have an impact on not only the environment but public health, food, workers’ rights and affect all consumers by constraining democratic decision-making by strengthening the influence of big businesses and undermining public services. Young Friends of the Earth call on decision-makers to protect citizens, workers, food and the environment from the threats it poses. Please join us in this call.

TTIP sets back any progression we are making in the fight against Climate Change. The priority given to maximised trade in this agreement restricts efforts tobuild healthier, fairer and more sustainable food systems. This trade agreement is likely to lead to more natural gas and oil exports meaning more fracking, more pipelines and more climate disrupting pollution on both sides of the Atlantic. TTIP is simply a Trojan treaty set to empower large corporations at the expense of the people and the planet.”
Camilla Kane Friends of the Earth