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Young Friends of the Earth Ireland, an environmental volunteer group are planning an environmental art exhibition that will take place in in InSpire Galerie on 11th - 16th July 2019. The vision of this exhibition is twofold:

  1. Giving Artists a platform to talk about Climate Change

  2. Presenting Climate Change through creative mediums

The exhibition will open at 6pm on 11th July. There are 14 artists partaking in this exhibition whose works deal with a variety of environmental issues: waste, water, plastic, deforestation etc. as well as a variety of mediums: sculpture, photography, video, painting and photography. 

The exhibition's poster will be hung in one of the windows of the Patagonia Store  store on Wicklow St. from mid-June. 


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This exhibition will showcase artists, both emerging and established, whose work incorporates themes of the environment, community and climate change. This exhibition is open to all mediums (visual arts, performance, music, sculpture etc.). As an intersectional group, we would encourage works by intersectional artists and pieces that focus on climate change and intersectionality. We will also accept collaborative work by artists, environmental organisations and activist groups.

Any sponsors can use the link below to donate.

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