What have our Climate Champions been up to?


By Camilla Kane - 7 April 2015

by Camilla Kane

Young Friends of the Earth Ireland awarded the position of Climate Justice Champion to five Young Activist before Christmas- So let's find out what have these guys been up to?


Over the last five months our fantastic Climate Justice Champions have been hard at work developing their own projects as leading activist for Climate Justice. We have had film screenings on TTIP, creative street actions for a stronger Climate Bill, Panel discussions on Eco Entrepreneurship, the setting up of an Alternative Economics society in Trinity and a Home and Habitat Nature Walk. 10858047_767383343341231_4873169358326202514_n Just before Christmas of 2014, these young activist were awarded the opportunity by Young Friends of the Earth to attended the Lima in Brussels conference - a training week in Brussels for activist from all across Europe to connect for the Climate talks happening in Lima (COP 20) and to plan towards the next discussions in Paris next December 2015- get a sneak peak of the week’s events here.




In preparation for this training the Champions teamed together and delivered a creative street action asking students of Trinity College Dublin “How can Ireland Cop on to Climate Change?”  Check out the responses from the day here.

Since then our Champions have been working independently on their own projects in various locations across Ireland including Cork, Belfast and Dublin. First off we had Hazel Hurley who took to the streets of Cork and asked the people to Doodle a Duck for Climate Change.

Creative Street Action - “Doodle a Duck for Climate Change”

Champion- Hazel Hurley

Location Grand Parade Fountain, Cork

23rd March @12pm 11069505_10153094009779536_4296708819735562083_n

This Creative Street Action demonstrated the effects of climate change on the people and local businesses of cork. For the weeks running up to the action on the 23rd Hazel paid a visit to various different traders in Cork who were dramatically affected by flooding in the last few years and asked them to share their messages on the rubber ducks. For the creative action on the 23rd she further engaged more people Cork in the conversation with the use of the rubberducks and plans to put these messages to Micheal Mc Carthy - the chairperson of Joint Oireachtas Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht to encourage him to speak out and push for the proposed amendment to be made to the current Climate Bill for Ireland. Watch this space for lots more Rubber Ducky Fun. :)


Event - Homes and Habitats Nature Walk

Champion Ciara Ryan

Location Howth, Dublin

27th March @2pm

In Dublin we have Ciara who organised a “Homes and Habitats Nature Walk” . This invited young children to join her on walk across the Sub-urban area of Howth identifying home of various species along the walk. They crossed the Deer Park golf course, went up to the reservoir – a small lake – and then down into a more forested part, before making their way back again. Five young children aged 9-10 joined her on the day and as they walked they tried to 'spot' the homes and habitats in hedgerows, underground, or in the trees, of animals they know - or were maybe not yet familiar with. Ciara facilitated the educational experience for the young children as they explored their surroundings and connected their findings to human homes and expanding their concept of homes. Everyone on the day got some great - very practical and basic - insights about nature, animals and their homes, and really enjoyed being outside.

Ciara Ryan NATURE WALK by Patrick Bridgeman © 2015 (SCREEN) -4261 Ciara Ryan NATURE WALK by Patrick Bridgeman © 2015 (SCREEN) -4382 Ciara Ryan NATURE WALK by Patrick Bridgeman © 2015 (SCREEN) -4388

Photos by Patrick Bridgeman www.bestselfphotography.com

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If you would like to know more about the different events being organised or how to become a climate champion yourself. Email us at youngfoe@foe.ie or check out our website youngfoe.ie and our facebook page Young Friends of the Earth Ireland for up coming events. Keep an eye out here for more Champions events to come :)