Pre-Launch of Chew on This
'Seed' Screening in Patagonia


By Emine Yesilcimen - 3 April 2018

Young Friends Of The Earth Ireland has carried out the pre-launch of Chew On This Campaign on 24th of March by screening the film; Seed The Untold Story with more than 40 participants. Special thanks to Patagonia Outlet who allowed us to host this event in their store and provided some refreshments on the evening!

The main objective of the event was to address the loss of genetic diversity in agriculture and to create awereness among people about GMOs (genetically modifed organisms).  Commonly known as GMOs (genetically modifed organisms), these lab-created crop varieties are at the foundation of industrial agriculture and can be found in nearly 80% of processed foods in supermarkets.

Generations of breeding have given rise to a multiplicity of domesticated animals and plants that are optimally adapted to their specific environment. Today, this genetic, cultural, and historical heritage is increasingly threatened through commercial agriculture and consumption habits.

The discussions surrounding GMOs has become a matter of debate of ideas and clashing worldviews. Since there is a huge infollution (information pollution) about nutrients, these debates create confusion for average people trying to make mindful choices about their food. Further complicating the matter, conficting scientifc research and misinformation are the other issues. So the aim of the screening was attempt to address popular misconceptions around GMOs and enlighthen people about clear, well-supported information on GMOs.

So that we thought the film Seed was a good idea to start from the scratch to be more mindful about what we are eating.  In a nutshell; Genetically engineered seeds (GMOs) are agricultural crop varieties whose DNA has been modifed in a lab using gene editing technology. These seeds are protected by genetic patents, which means they must be repurchased each year and cannot be saved and replanted by farmers. There are many diferent types of GMOs that are designed to serve different functions.

The feedback we have received were extremely satisfying. Seeing people’s impressions motivates us to go further and do more about food soverignity as much as we can both in Ireland and worldwide.







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Emine Yesilcimen


Emine is a lover of nature and committed environmentalist since she has known herself. She considers nature is the real and the only home of human being. So that she tries to contribute to planet as much as she can and undertakes to create ecological awareness among people as a duty.